The Dunoon Hotel

Warm, relaxed and festive: a winter house party with friends

The idea behind Advent Weekend was to create an event that celebrates the coming of the festive season and captures the essence of Christmases past at the Dunoon, without ever pretending for one second that it really is Christmas. Tinsel and turkey it is emphatically not. However, we do hang out the garlands, put up our tree and light the candles and fire in the front lounge, so that the hotel takes on its customary warm, welcoming winter glow. It is all very mellow and relaxed, with very much the feel of a house party with friends. We lay on some gentle entertainment, which last year included the lusty tones of Cor Meibion Colwyn (Colwyn Male Voice Choir), devise some great menus and provide a little fun of our own. If you are interested in receiving an invitation to join us for Advent, please email or ring us at the hotel.

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